I am the hero of my own rebellion.

I celebrate and despise ups and downs.

A crazy bastard.

Above all, Writing is consolatory, a friend in disguise.
just keep it real….  (from m.snyder book)

just keep it real….  (from m.snyder book)

A little bit jealous sire,

Winning over jealousy is an understatement, no you can’t win over it. It’s very tiring and can sap every ounce you’ve got. 

Over time, by instinct, you should just be neutral to it. That way you’ll be kinder to yourself, like soaring from jagged pave ways, and little you’ll know that there is now a formed shield around you.

It’s okay to be taken over by jealousy but not learning how to handle after being crushed by it, kills. 

It’s okay to be jealous once in a while, it makes us more understanding…If we just know how to listen to it.

Missing you baby

I feel threatened that you’re away.

Like a connection that’s begging to be re-established… Im Feeling kinda lost. 

I’m afraid you’ll find someone who’ll fill the gaps, your needs and wants. 

cause fighting for love and lust is hard…

People don’t understand. Even if she makes them try to see that to her “a left is a right”, they will raise their brows, scrutinize her for having that kind of logic. But yeah don’t lie, even you, would think so.

She doesn’t want to be place in a box where someone’s artistic side is chained. She’s not after the money. She’s after the euphoric feeling from achieving something that enhances her creative side. She desires passion, she has love and lust for passion. But everything has two sides, a yin and yang, as much as giving devotion where it paves way to rising up or falling down so damn hard.

People have planned her life before her. But she cannot embrace it, not even lay a hand to welcome it. I wished she had a say, I wished she fought to the core that their plans doesn’t fit her. They see her as someone who just do what she wants but if you look closely, she has not done yet the things she aspires the most.

Give her a chance. Let her steer her life to where it should be headed. Give her support and… listen.